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Why It's Important To Do The Right Thing, No Matter What

Why It's Important To Do The Right Thing, No Matter What

Doing the right thing generally means making decisions that are not based on your own personal needs, that don't expand your popularity, or enforce your personal beliefs. It means doing what is best for the greater or common good. 


When people reach a point where they can’t lead or do the job to the level that’s required, they often use a deflection process. This is where they create scenarios that deflect focus from them and place it elsewhere. 


So rather than see the individual and his shortcomings, you’re looking at another problem because he has created noise around it.

Why It's Important To Do The Right Thing, No Matter What
Why It's Important To Do The Right Thing, No Matter What

Why is it important to do the right thing?

Having an accurate picture of where you’re at is important to successful change. All leaders must walk a fine line. We cannot become victims. We must find a way to navigate ourselves out of the storm we created. 


How do you gain an accurate picture of where you are? One of the most useful tools we have is self-awareness. 


Getting a better understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses, and recognizing when we’re at our best helps us make better decisions. It also helps us differentiate which decisions will help the most people, versus those that might strengthen our own image. 


Great leaders are able to use that to create bridges between those polarities and bridge the divide between them, so that those in a pinch do the right thing.


Conclusion of Why is it important to do the right thing

Instead of starting from an “I’m right and you’re wrong” posture, do the right thing to improve the situation. When you do this, you’re more likely to be perceived as a leader, and people will be more willing to follow you, especially those who have been around you a while. 


Leaders are people who share responsibility and take the lead on the right things. A leader who spends time not on defense but on offense, doing the right things that add value to the larger picture. 


Most importantly, do what’s best for your organization’s shareholders and customers. These are the people that count, and they don’t care how much you like or dislike the person. They just want to be treated as people who provide the best value to the customers.

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How to do the right thing in life.

Always avoid deflection. But do the right thing at all costs. Let that be your new mantra. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, what you wear, or how many friends you have. These things don’t really matter. What’s more important is how you treat others and the way you treat yourself. 


Treat yourself with love, respect, and compassion. You’ll feel much better. Stop making excuses and doing the right thing. You’ll be amazed how much of a difference it will make in your life. Always remember, the right thing is usually hard. However, in the end, it’s worth it.


Conclusion of How to do the right thing in life.

"If you talk about something, it ceases to exist." - Dalai Lama We all make mistakes. We all have shortcomings. 

We all have our flaws. The hard part is owning it. Self-awareness is a necessity for an emotionally healthy life. It is the first step to acceptance. Noticing your own thoughts and being able to control your actions are good ways to begin your path to freedom. 

You can make decisions on the fly, but you can’t change who you are. Once you realize that you are who you are, then you can determine the direction that you want to take your life. Maybe it’s a different direction than you originally intended, but at least you know where you’re headed. At the end of the day, you have to do what’s right for yourself, the people around you, and your dreams.

The importance of doing the right thing when you're in leadership

Leadership is all about meeting a common goal or purpose. It’s about caring for the individual involved and keeping the bigger picture in mind. I was lucky enough to work with a man once who was truly a world-class leader. He was honest, caring, fun, and patient. 


One morning, he was in a meeting, trying to execute a strategy. When the group got distracted, he stepped outside to get some air and clear his head. I was still in the meeting, but noticed a note on my desktop that said, “Do the right thing.” I felt like an outsider. 


When the group eventually returned, he was completely understanding that we were dealing with a sudden and untimely tragedy. I was sad about his loss, but respected his perspective.

Conclusion of The importance of doing the right thing when you're in leadership

The importance of doing the right thing when you're in leadership has been drilled into us since we were young. 


In fact, the phrase "Do The Right Thing" was originally used by civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. As it relates to professional sports, the phrase can mean a whole lot more than making sure your players show up to work and that they do the right thing. 


That’s because, when you're in leadership, you’re directly affecting the lives of many people – both those that have a vested interest in the outcome of your performance and those who have no stake in what happens on the field. 


Understanding that, it's critical that you take the lead in terms of integrity, honesty, and the way you conduct your business.


When an individual or an organization cannot lead or do the job to the level that is required, he will find ways to get himself out of the situation. When confronted, he will either assert his position or spin a web of a story to distract from his internal flaws. 


This is exactly why it's critical to look past the individual's surface and ask why he is doing what he is doing. 


Do you have a better solution that can be communicated in a way that will help move the organization forward? Or are you trying to put yourself in a better place to compete or take the leadership position in the future?

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