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General marketing meaning (Your Comprehensive Guide 2022)

General marketing meaning (Your Comprehensive Guide 2022)

Marketing: It is the profession whose owners invent ideas and prepare plans and expectations for a specific product or service to create the so-called selling opportunity and marketing makes the product very happy to sell itself because it is the marketing processes that help create the identity of the product or service.

And marketers are the unknown men or women of every success achieved by companies and institutions as a result of their creativity, innovation and future aspirations.

When you see a super cool ad, you love their creativity.. Hurry up to request the product or service of the owner of this advertisement.

So Marketing that service or product did its best job because they were able, through their marketing visions, of which advertising was one of them.. To force you to buy the product, or rather "create a selling opportunity for the product in some way".

General marketing meaning (Your Comprehensive Guide 2022)
General marketing meaning (Your Comprehensive Guide 2022)

Now do you still think that the marketing man (marketer) is that person who knocks on the door of your house, shop or company to introduce you to a specific product, of course, he is not .. Because that person is the company's salesperson or salesperson.


Marketing mission (marketing activity):

Marketing (marketing activity) is based on identifying the target customers category. Studying their behaviors, habits and traditions of life and purchasing and identifying their needs, requirements, desires and aspirations.

• Directing the firm's efforts towards producing products and services that satisfy customers' desires, at the right time, and with the appropriate quality for this target group of customers.

• Directing the efforts of the company or organization towards informing and delivering the product to this category by the availability of goods through promotion and advertisements.

• Directing the efforts of the sales staff to use the advanced methods appropriate to each of the product and the customer's commodity.

• Directing the company's efforts to measure customer satisfaction.

• Directing the company's efforts towards ways and methods of increasing employee satisfaction in order to retain them and add new customers.

• Directing efforts towards setting mechanisms, principles and a policy to set an appropriate price in line with existing laws in the market and with the market share and the impact of competitors in the market.

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Success in gaining the satisfaction of consumers and customers, meeting their needs and desires, achieving profit, growth and continuity for any organization requires taking into account those variables that can be controlled as marketing, which are called the elements and methods of the marketing mix,
Which can be controlled in pursuit of satisfying the needs and desires of consumers in the markets.

 Marketing Officer (Marketing Representative):

The marketing representative is a person who carries out the process of communicating the idea of   a product or service to the customer or consumer and coordinating with him to accept and develop the idea of   the product or service and measure the degree of market acceptance of the new product or service.

In my country, you have a commodity that is still working and no one knows anything about it, so the marketing representative comes to customers, presents them with the new commodity, introduces it to them and explains everything to them about it.

Like the types of chips, for example, the many that flooded the market in a time, no one knew about one type, but now there are more than one type for this company

How do you choose which item to buy?? This is done either by marketing the product via television, advertisements, or through marketing men.

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